What if you're losing half of your potential users?

Picture this.

You’ve built an awesome product and published it to the App Store. Your hard work has paid off and your app is spreading like wildfire. Someone reads about you in TechCrunch and loves what they hear, but they don’t download your app.

You’ve lost a potential user. Why didn’t they download?

Because you’re not on Android.

Today, fewer than 50% of the world’s smartphone owners are on iOS. For companies that live and die by their growth rate, you are dangerously limiting your access to new users. Even worse, you’ve left an entire market open for your competition, giving them an opportunity to cash in on the interest you’ve generated.

"Sure, we’d love to be on Android, but…"

Do you need to redesign? How do you make sure it looks and works like it’s supposed to across hundreds of different devices? How can you improve your chances of being featured on the Play Store?

The unanswered questions quickly become overwhelming, and you decide to hold off on porting your app for now.

But you’re still missing out on those users.

What if you weren’t losing them?

Let's picture the alternative.

Your app is featured in the Play Store. Downloads are increasing every day and you’re on track to match the new daily user count of your iOS app by the end of the month. You’ve expanded your reach to a whole new platform, effectively doubling your growth rate in just a few months. Even better, you got here on time and under budget.

But how can you get here?

Pembroke takes your iOS app and prepares everything you need to start porting it to Android in just two weeks.

Over the course of the session, we'll work alongside your team to plan out every step of your app's development, culminating in the delivery of a detailed roadmap to your project's success.

Afterwards, we'll handle development all the way from first line of code to first app download—or simply assist you and your team as you build everything yourselves.

Either way, you'll have everything you need to be successful on the Play Store.

"What do these sessions look like?"

Each roadmapping engagement follows the same two-week schedule.

  • Week One - Investigation & Discovery
    • Intensive kickoff session, pouring over every detail of your existing or in-development iOS app.
    • In-depth audit of existing iOS project, including source code, assets, and external services.
    • Identification of any technical limitations or roadblocks you may encounter with the Android platform.
    • Development of single feature to get experience with your code base and API.

    • Week Two - Roadmap Preparation
      • Break down project into user stories and schedule them out, using Trello, Asana, or your project management tool of choice.
      • Android Studio project set up, including database, testing, and anything else needed for you to start development.
      • Android theme creation matching your existing application.
      • Theming and testing of last weeks feature.
      • Handoff session, where we'll go over your customized roadmap in detail and answer any remaining questions you have before we start porting.

    Are you ready to start expanding to Android and reach more than twice as many users as you are now? Book a session with us today.

    Send us an email or book your session right here:

Roadmapping Session

An in-depth audit & planning session,
leaving you with everything you need
to start your porting project—with us,
or without—in just two short weeks.

  • $5,000

  • Customized porting roadmap including development schedule, design wireframes, and detailed asset report.
  • Two 2-hour live sessions at the beginning and end of the engagement
  • Proofs-of-concept development for complex technical features
  • Android Studio project set-up

"We're not sure we're ready to get started just yet."

If you're not totally ready to port to Android, don't fret! We're also available during the week to answer any questions you have about the porting process, completely and totally free.

Whether you're interested in booking a session or just need some help with your existing porting project, we'll do our best to answer any and all questions you have about Android development and porting.

We even promise not to hit you over the head with our paid services.

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Still not convinced? Here's what past clients have to say about us:

We really appreciated Pembroke’s attention to detail. When they were porting over our iOS app to Android, we didn't have to point out the subtle pieces of functionality -- they noticed themselves, and that took a lot of work and worry off of our plates.

As a result of working with them, we were able to bring our Android products to market much faster than we possibly could have ourselves, and that meant a lot to us and our users.

Pembroke also understands what it means to work with a startup where every dollar counts, and to stay within a budget. We were really happy with the value we got for the price we paid.
Matt Ivester, Co-founder & CEO at ‎Hotshot Labs
James knows his stuff and can communicate that knowledge efficiently to clients. He has been critical to a very large, ongoing project with Chase Bank…

His know-how and availability to jump on ongoing calls and present at business reviews has been a huge part in this project getting pushed forward.
Jon Arp, Google

Take a look at some of our past work:

Wheels Up

Wheels Up reached out to us after their customers begged for an Android version of their popular iOS app.

After four months of development, they launched an app that satisfied their customer's requests, receiving 5 stars on the Play Store, as well as catching up with the development of their iOS product.

View it on the Play Store →


After working with us on an iOS app prior to us forming Pembroke, the founders at A Rad Corp reached out to us help them launch an Android version of their #FIREFIRE emoji tweeting app in parallel with their iOS release.

We worked alongside their team to launch both apps simultaneously, with the launch being featured on Product Hunt. Received over 4 stars on the Play Store.

View it on the Play Store →

Hotshot Screen Recorder

Not long after the launch of #FIREFIRE, A Rad Corp came back for our help launching another app idea ASAP. Hotshot made use of the new screen recording APIs in Android 5.0 to share images and videos from the user's screen, including capturing screenshots from Snapchat without detection.

Although only available on the Play Store for a short time, Hotshot received over 500 downloads in just a few weeks.

Meet the team you'll be working with.

James Knight

Founder, Development Lead

A former Googler, James has spent the last six years designing, developing, and marketing products for companies ranging from game studios to startups to Fortune 50s.

After helping clients launch over 10 different apps to the Apple App and Google Play Stores as a partner at Gradient, James founded Pembroke to help companies get their products into the hands of Android users.

Tyler Williams


Tyler has over three years of experience building Android apps for clients, including spending the last two years working alongside James at Gradient.

In addition to his development work, Tyler also launched the highly successful blog Bouldering Hawaii during his time on the islands. You can now find him making his way up large stones in NYC.

Stephanie Knight

Head of Operations

After beginning her career in economic consulting, Stephanie spent the past 5 years managing the finance & accounting operations of startups and growing businesses. She now manages the details of Pembroke’s operations.

When she’s not working in Excel, Stephanie is either reading a history book, studying for an online course, or sipping a cafe con leche.

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